Key aspects that ALL our Training programs and Corporate Solutions share:


Our training programs are valuable – based on results. In fact, they are guaranteed to work! They will make a difference in your bottom line.


Education WITH retention happens because our programs are engaging, unique and thought-provoking. Your people will recall and use what they learn.


Barriers fall and resistance fades away when people enjoy the training they get. Our training is designed

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to be experiential, interactive and engaging.


“Kerry Ward was an amazing facilitator and the event was so much fun. I received nothing but positive comments after the event ended. It was a great team builder. Your team provided prompt responses, and excellent facilitation of the event.”

– Tesoro (CET – Wheelchair Build) Denver, CO

“The on-site team was phenomenal, and Bryan always does a great job working with us on setting up the event specifics. Your team was great.”

– Audi of America (CET – Boat Building Regatta) Santa Monica, CA

“The event was organized and executed with perfection and enthusiasm. The feedback from our entire team was all positive. Your team really knows what they are doing and are great at their work!”

– Aon (CET – Boat Building Regatta) Miami, FL

“The team build activity was very well organized, and everyone participated and had

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fun. Our instructors were AMAZING and kept everyone engaged. Everything about the team building activity was great! Our instructors were friendly, and energetic – they kept everyone involved.”

– Purolator (CET – Boat Building Regatta) Mississauga, ON

“The event was very engaging, and not cheesy. It was the right amount of time and the facilitators had everyone involved. That is an awesome accomplishment, considering the diverse group attending the meetings. It was the most fitting challenge for our group, based on the construction angle and the fact that modifications were added during the course of the event to reflect what happens in our daily work environments. Everyone was very helpful through all phases of the program, from helping select our event, all the way to facilitation of the event during the meetings. Great job!”

– Charah, Inc. (CET – Eagle Glider Challenge) Concord, NC

“Our team will remember this event forever. We had so much fun and it gave us an opportunity to not

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only learn more about leadership, team, strategy, risk, but we had an opportunity to laugh at ourselves!!!!! We also reached the ultimate goal of bonding as a company…”One Family Serving Many”. Your team was top notch, and the overall event was professional and on point throughout the day. Thank you for all you did…you will hear from Jackmont again for our next event.”

– Jackmont Hospitality, Inc. (CET Boat Building Regatta) Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The activity was a great way to work together and have some key takeaways, but allowed us to do it in a very fun and memorable way.”

– Southwest Airlines (CET Kidnapped- A Rescue Mission) Dallas, TX

“The team building event met our goals of having a challenging and fun event that promoted teamwork for the group as a whole. Our facilitator was a great, and he brought out concepts useful in our every day work experiences.”

– UCB (CET Custom Program) Raleigh, NC

“Our group cannot stop talking about the event! They had fun, helped the community, and worked together. Great job!!”

– Amadeus North America, Inc. (CET – Wheelchairs for Charity) Las Vegas, NV

“The facilitators were incredible! Very thoughtful and thought-provoking. They also came up with some great challenges!”

– Genentech, Inc. (CET – Mission Incredible!) San Jose, CA

“It was an awesome event that met our goals, level of enjoyment, and was engaging for all participants. The event was pure fun! Your team was extremely attentive to our group. They were available and willing to answer all questions. Friendly and supportive!”

– Charlotte Country Day School (CET Boat Building Regatta) Lake Wylie, NC

“The event hit the mark on what we were looking for. Professional and fun. Thomas and team did a great job with the facilitation.”

– ADP TotalSource (Wheelchairs For Charity CET) Elk Grove Village, IL

“The facilitator was outstanding. He kept all 90 employees engaged and his team was well informed of the task at hand. From start to finish, the staff was superb. The facilitator was very accommodating to our tight schedule as well. Everyone responded to emails timely and the event went off without any issues.”

– PNM (Wheelchair For Charity CET) Albuquerque, NM

“We really enjoyed the event. The representatives were timely and high-spirited despite the intense heat. Everything was super positive, and everyone had a great time. Thanks!”

– Johnson & Johnson (CET End Hunger Games) Barnegat, NJ

“Best day ever! Who would have thought building cardboard boats would be so much fun. Great leadership from our facilitator, Joe, who kept us on track, inspired us to work together, and kept it fun.”

– Smartwave Technologies (CET Boat Building Regatta) Toronto, ON

“Thomas Mangum was an amazing host. His assistants were great. They kept the

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team engaged, kept us on our toes, and pushed us to excel. It was an amazing event. We will be using you again for another event!”

– Beam Suntory (CET Kidnapped Rescue Mission) Chicago, IL

“Thomas was everything you would want in a trainer: patient, inviting, well-versed in the activity, and able to work well with us. The team was able to take a lot away. Thank you!”

– PH CTV (CET Cross Boundary) Macedonia, OH

“The challenges were excellent for the audience. There wasn’t a challenge that we couldn’t all participate in. Our CEO was in from the UK, and he enjoyed it so much that he had me email your brochure to his administrative assistant. Despite the hot weather, the facilitators were great in keeping everyone motivated. The quality of the service was excellent, and Dave’s team made sure everyone was engaged. Enjoyed by all!”

– Navitas (CET Custom Program) Princeton, CT

“It was fun and very interactive. Our group loved it. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and Kerry was great with directions.”

– Arbonne (CET Boat Building) Whistler, BC

“Kerry and the team were very flexible regarding venue and time constraints. Kerry did a great job within such a short time frame, and especially with having to include additional transportation for the boats. It was a high-energy event, and was talked about for the rest of the conference. The feedback from the delegates was excellent. Kerry and the team communicated with me at every step along the way, and I felt like I was being taken care of.”

– Kaizen Institute (CET Boat Building) Canmore, AB

“Kerry and Ana were very understanding given our need to reschedule the event with short notice. All planning was professional and informed. We look forward to resurrecting our custom Jewel Heist activity later down the track.”

– RAHMS (CET Mission) Whistler, BC

“What a fun day! We loved working with you and your team. Our goals going into this event were to provide our team with additional tools to help them be more productive and effective in business and in life, to allow an opportunity for team building outside of the day-to-day, and to have fun! All of these goals were achieved. Thank you! We will definitely be reaching out for future events.”

– Enginuity Advantage (CET 8 Productive Practices) Everett, WA

“We have

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a group of expats and local hires who are still learning the ins and outs of working as a team. This event really showed both groups that if they work together towards a common goal, we can all be successful. The boat building was interactive and got everyone up and out of their seats. I would highly recommend this event to any organization!

-SABIC (CET Boat Building Regatta) Sugar Land, TX

Finding the right fit for your company’s educational and training needs can be a challenge…

Finding a training program that brings value to your business, keeps your employees engaged and invested, creates results and fits within your budget is a tall order… Fortunately, at Corporate Explorer Training, that’s all we do!

We will work with you to help select a program that fits your particular needs, and can even work with you to customize programs that will maximize the opportunity for growth and development.

The most valuable asset in any company is the human capital – the people that design, build,

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market, sell, manage and keep the doors open to any thriving company.  The most successful companies know how valuable it is to invest in their employees and teams… an investment that yields growth in communication, teamwork, efficiency and ultimately add to the bottom line.

In business, there is no stasis… You are either growing or you are in decline.  We specialize in building harmony, communication and cohesion in teams and companies… Whatever your goal, we can work with you to achieve it!


Looking back on 2016

2016 was a solid year for Corporate Explorer Training due to the hard work of many people. Among the numbers we recorded were:

205 Programs Delivered
15000 Participants overall
8th Consecutive year of significant revenue growth
34 Philanthropic Team Building programs created that resulted in donations to charitable organizations of:

* 126 New wheelchairs
* 21 Military Care Kits
* 41,000 Pounds of non-perishable food! (weight of a dozen cars)
* 54 Bicycles for children
* 102 Backpacks filled with supplies for people in need
* 20 Home starter kits for at-risk urban youth

We’ve trained people this year all over the world, including places like Lebanon, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico as well as states and provinces spanning the breadth of North America.

Thanks to all of these companies for trusting us

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to deliver valuable and engaging experiences to your people.

I consider it a gift to be able to work within a transformative industry where risk, play, creative thinking, learning, growth and fun are all integral components. Blessed to be doing work I love.

Can’t wait to forge ahead with new adventures and successes in 2017.

-Kerry Ward

Check out some of the great clients we have had the opportunity of working for!

Corporate Explorer Training offers valuable educational experiences that people remember.

Why is this important? Because developing leadership, communication, sales, presentation and other skills within an organization is one of the most important things a business can do to ensure success. It is also a surefire way to improve company efficiency, boost sales and create a healthy working environment.

Let’s face it, skills development and training programs can be boring. And how much are your people really learning if they are not engaged by the training they are exposed to? Probably, not much.

Here’s a beautiful thing, however: this does not have to be the case. There is a cure. Corporate Explorer Training delivers corporate training programs that are designed to

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keep your teams fully engaged. 

Partnering with Canadian Outback Adventures, a widely recognized brand in teambuilding and corporate event production, Corporate Explorer Training has a huge advantage over other companies. Have problems getting your staff excited about education? With the adventurous aspect incorporated into every Corporate Explorer Training program, people love participating and learning in this kind of environment.

Using experiential activities, games specifically designed to teach business principles and group challenges, Corporate Explorer Training programs make an impact.  Programs can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. We can also incorporate any of Canadian Outback Adventures outstanding events and games into our programs.

The best way to find out how we can meet your needs is to contact us so we can EXPLORE the options together!

  • Because continued training and education means a more efficient and contented staff.
  • Training programs that come with a GUARANTEE: your satisfaction is assured!
  • The energy and enthusiasm of your employees is directly linked to your company’s revenue.
  • Corporate training does not have to be pedantic or boring.
  • The bottom line benefits of any training should far exceed the costs in time and money.
  • Skills development is an ongoing process where good companies have the chance to become excellent companies.

Let us know how we can help!

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