Our Facilitators

Kerry Ward

KerryWardKerry Ward is a successful entrepreneur with a lifetime of training and experience in public speaking and consulting in the areas of interpersonal dynamics, team building, communication and productivity. In the last two years alone, Kerry has trained over 11,000 people in over 200 companies, including Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Pepsi, Nexen, Cenovus, Red Bull, Shell Oil, and Proctor & Gamble.No stranger to the corporate world, Kerry has a unique talent for infusing his trainings and speeches with insight, humor and a sense of Adventure... And as a devout optimist, and an engaging and inspirational personality, his passion for adventure is contagious!

In his personal time, Kerry is an enthusiastic ultra-marathon runner having recently completed one of the “Toughest Races in the World”, the Fat Dog 100  (Here is Kerry’s video account of the experience… The youtube channels featuring his adventures have more than 10 million views). Kerry’s background as a motorcycle racer and journalist means he is comfortable at speeds of over 200mph earning him the handle FullTilt, and a following of millions online. This summer he had the opportunity to run with the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain AND attend the Burning Man festival for the fourth time with his daughter, Indigo.
“You’ve got two options. Grow and prosper, or stagnate. Stasis is an illusion.” – Kerry Ward

Joe Britto

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. When not sailing the ocean or hiking mountains, this man of action lends his knowledge of business team dynamics and coaching experience to the team.


Joe is a psychological coach, writer, and interactive facilitator. His passion lies in finding the leader in all of us and leveraging these skills on how we do business and manage others.

Hailing from the UK, Joe has engaged with organizations across Europe on projects ranging from project management to leadership development. He has consulted for a wide range of teams in diverse industries, various levels of management, and understands how to get the most from any team environment. With years of experience helping to develop skills in and out of the office, Joe’s understanding of how businesses work, and the people in them, is a great asset to his customers.

In addition to his coaching and consulting work, Joe has shared his humor and smarts on the radio as a successful morning show Producer. His keen sense of humor and insight has also captured the imagination of his audience in print, as a nationally published novelist. His past works focus on both the deeply personal and universal themes of self esteem, belonging, love, and collaboration. Outside the office, this man of action can be found sailing the ocean or hiking the mountains and trails of the places he visits.

Joe applies his kind nature and a passion for personal development to his role at Corporate Explorer Training.

Dave Dawe

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Fearless adventurer with a knack for helping organizations bring out the best in their teams.


Dave is an energized facilitator with a relentless focus on meeting customer needs. With a blend of playful energy and thoughtful dialogue, Dave’s style has earned him a reputation for delivering relevant and applicable
learning experiences that are fun and engaging. A winning combination!

After many years working in a variety of roles within a large organization, Dave redirected his career towards helping organizations get the most out of their people. Since 2003, as a team and leadership development consultant, Dave has worked with many of the largest companies in Canada as well as some of the sharpest mid-sized companies, helping them become more competitive and innovative. This experience, combined with a Masters Degree in Developing Human Resources and Adult Learning, allows him to bring a wealth of opportunity to any organizational learning situation – enabling him to link vital business issues to creative experiential learning programs.

Dave also likes to push his own comfort zone. He recently returned from a year sabbatical during which he, his wife and son, embarked on an adventure of sailing 7,000 km from Lake Ontario down the eastern seaboard to the Florida Keys and back again. This undertaking was all the more adventurous since he and his wife had never sailed before.

He enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with all those that he encounters in his role as a lead facilitator with Corporate Explorer Training.

Thomas Mangum

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Entrepeneur and dynamic keynote speaker, this inspirational world traveller enjoys snowboarding and days at the beach.



Thomas was born in Virginia, educated in Maryland and calls San Diego, California home. He draws on his over 30 years of life experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, military interrogator, and radio show host to inspire others. He uses his rich and diverse experience and background as tools to help move the individual from where they are to where they’ve only dreamed to be.

Leading the Speakers Bureau for Hostelling International and Toastmasters International, San Diego and facilitating training with multiple seminar companies, has shown him a world of adventure. In between facilitating, he can be found engaging with the locals, snowboarding, enjoying a spa, trekking about the globe or taking Mei-Li the pug to the dog beach. You’d be amazed how much networking happens at the dog park!

A dynamic keynote speaker, memorable facilitator, and provocative coach & author, Thomas excels at moving from the ordinary small talk to the conversations that truly matter – the ones that break the patterns of the average corporate training so common today.

“There is no greater thrill than seeing the light bulb click on, the perspective shift and hearts open during a live highly experiential training” — Thomas Mangum

Didier jean-Francois

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Didier brings his experience in consulting and his passion for employee development to his role.

Didier JF

Didier Jean-Francois

Didier is a true renaissance man, a graduate of Notre Dame’s MBA program, and a high energy multi-tasker with varied interests and expertise. A former strategy consultant at a major global consulting firm, his experience includes work in the entertainment industry, financial planning, real estate, and biotechnology sectors.

Turned entrepreneur, Didier spends some of his time as a regular guest speaker for several universities on the themes of entrepreneurship, marketing, networking, organizational behavior, and strategy.

Outside of work, Didier pursues his interests in cycling and world travelling. He also knows how to cut a rug, participating in and judging swing dancing competitions! Didier applies his fancy footwork to another passion, coaching and playing basketball.

Didier is a strong contributor to our team and works hard to help others find their potential.

Tom Seletos

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Entrepreneur, public speaker, and world traveler.

Tom Seletos

Tom is an authentic facilitator that puts his heart and energy into his work. He believes that everyone has power, passion and immense possibility. He loves facilitating the transformation of teams by increasing self and group awareness and then providing tools that will help sustain behavioral change.

Tom was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Cal State Northridge, where he studied finance and real estate. Tom also was a volunteer missionary for his church in Leads England, where he spent two years serving and empowering others to better their lives.

Adventure is at the forefront of his desires – exploring. We have never met a man that loves to travel and explore as much as Tom. He continues to learn, develop and grow through seeing the world, appreciating one another’s beauty and studying valuable personal leadership skills. His expertise in business facilitated a shift into business related training and team building a number of  years ago and since then has delivered management skills training, facilitated organizational change and of course, helped strengthen team through is work at Corporate Explorer Training.