Our Founder

Kerry Ward

          Kerry is one of the rare Trainers with both a strong corporate background and a solid physical Adventuring resume. Born in India, holding Canadian and British passports, and raised and educated in the United States, Kerry draws on a wealth of personal experience when leading a group. He has an uncanny knack for adapting to any situation or environment.
With two decades of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Kerry co-founded an HR training company, a venture capital funded software startup

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and a technical education company while living in California. Past clients include major companies like Dreamworks, Raytheon, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Go2, Hughes Space and Communication and Public Storage.

Extensive leadership training has served Kerry well in his roles as CEO, trainer, writer, media producer and father. His videos have been seen and downloaded by millions of people. He has carefully studied technology, information publishing and internet marketing to stay on the cutting edge of modern business. An infectious love of Adventure pervades any of the high-energy courses facilitated by Kerry.

In Vancouver, Kerry leads a group of more than 600 fellow Adventurers through an array of spectacular and passionate experiences on a regular basis. He moved from Los Angeles to North Vancouver with his wife and daughter in 2004. In his spare time, he enjoys running distance events including ultra-marathons, climbing, diving, swing dancing, skiing, hand balancing and soccer. He is also an active member of the Toastmasters organization.

Partnering with Canadian Outback Adventures to create Corporate Explorer Training has been an exciting step for Kerry. “The combination of skills and assets puts us in a great position to give people the best training possible”, he says.

Kerry and Things

I’ve had over 60 years of life experience – and much of it working within the criminal justice system. I know how important life and freedom are at a fundamental level. If you have an opportunity to work with Kerry Ward and his training programs, jump at it!

Joanne Harrold – Current Top Trial Attorney and Former Presiding Judge of Orange County, CA, Aerialist and Champion Swing Dancer