The good news is that leadership is an acquired SKILL – it can be developed and refined by applying tools and practice. Significant, tangible and positive change is THE domain of leaders within a company.

By learning and living the principles of Authentic Leadership you can significantly boost the morale and enthusiasm within your company. And whoever said leadership programs had to be tests of endurance? This course is highly experiential and will be one of the most exciting and vibrant learning events you’ve ever had – guaranteed!

Authentic Leadership
  • Identify Various Leadership Styles
  • Learn to Work Effectively with Teams
  • Optimize Business by Creating Leaders
  • Maintaining Integrity
  • Establishing Trust When Outcomes are Uncertain
  • Communicate Powerfully
  • Empower People to Work Independently


Leadership evolves over time. And since evolution inherently includes innovation and change over time, Authentic Leadership Adventure is a fully interactive training session exploring this concept stage by stage.

As a rule Leaders are more innovative than most people. In order to innovate, some degree of creativity must be present. Authentic Leaders demonstrate this capability. Since both creation and innovation require an element of commitment and risk, some impetus for change must be present to act as a catalyst. People who use that (potentially) irritating impetus as an opportunity to grow are among the most effective leaders. This impetus is the annoying grain of sand that eventually creates a radiant pearl.

The content of the initial training segment will focus on the ‘Management’ part of the leadership equation. It requires that the group engages in challenging interactions where they will be asked to complete a task multiple times – each time implementing at least a minimal level of original thought to maintain leadership in an ongoing evolution of the process.


As we proceed, the groups will be incorporating a feedback cycle into their process that will simply address the questions, “what worked?” and “what can we do better?” This is the essence of growth and self-development.

The session finishes with a review of the concepts and sharing from the group about their observations on what they learned and how to use the concepts and tools in a working environment.

Leadership training is the most direct and effective pathway to creating momentum within a business. To develop employees who will tackle any project with confidence, Corporate Explorer Training’s Authentic Leadership Adventure program is just the ticket.