Creating Mission Vision & Values

Sailing Your Company Ship With Intention – Build The Framework to Support Success


Ironically, the linchpin to corporate achievement is the hardest element to create in a vacuum. Bringing in a Corporate Explorer Training facilitator to guide your team through this process of creating the Mission Vision & Values of your business can pay huge dividends. This can be done without outside help. But it is a notably smoother and accelerated progression towards finalizing this all important context for your businesswith expert assistance.

Identifying and defining Core Values is a crucial step for any company, department or team. These values literally impact every aspect of the business. They govern all of the behavior and actions of your people. Values set the tone for the organization and can be used to identify ideal new employees who will fit in naturally.

Creating Mission Vision Values with Clarity
  • Create a Sense of Purpose Within Your Company
  • Clarify and Define Company Values
  • Eliminate Directional Ambiguity
  • Build Consistency Within Your Business
  • Link Vision to Day-to-day Reality
  • Ensure Understanding of Corporate Mission
  • Make Certain Business Stakeholders Remain Focused
  • Know What Success Looks Like So You’ll Know When You Get There!



Corporate Explorer Training makes the process easy and fun by using tested methodsto collectively press forward through this potenially complicated process. Best of all, the relationship with the facilitator can be an ongoing one. This program offers continued support so that the living Mission, Vision & Values you’ve created continue to evolve and drive your company’s success.

Make sure that the Mission, Vision and Values of your business exist within the minds and hearts of your staff. These concepts are at the core of your company. And as such, they must reach beyond existing as a footnote to your website or a sign on the wall reception.

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The session was excellent, we went farther, faster and deeper then I had expected and the results are excellent. – Andrew Lind, Jonview/Transat

Corporate Explorer Training will deliver this program in tandem with any other program or as a standalone product. The more company stakeholders that can be involved with this process, the better. We can work with groups of any size. And by keeping people involved in the process, they will identify with and take ownership of the outcomes.This program draws teams together.

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