Looking for a way to knock off some items on your Bucket List? You’ve found the right place.

If you have the resources, Corporate Explorer Training can literally make your dreams come true. With an impressive array of connections and a wide assortment of intense world experiences to draw from, nearly anything is possible. If you can conceive it, we can deliver an experience to match your highest expectations.

For an idea of what kinds of things are possible, consider options like these:

CEO Ladder
  • Ascend World Famous Mountains
  • Ride a Motorcycle the Length of a Continent
  • Leap Off Cliffs on the Way to the Bottom Of the Grand Canyon
  • Ski the Last Degree to the South Pole
  • Combine a Safari with an ascent Mt. Kilamanjaro
  • Tag the North Pole
  • Kayak Lake Powell and Visit Remote Slot Canyons
  • Climb a Nicaraguan Island Volcano one day, Ski Down Another the Next


Corporate Explorer Training’s Executive Retreats are highly customized programs that will be tailored to fit the exact specifications for your Adventure. The type of learning and peak life experience that are possible with unlimited programs like this are remarkable.

To explore some of the options, or to share your own visions for creating the Ultimate Executive Retreat, contact us directly.

For less exotic special programs, please review our Custom Programs for teams wanting specific outcomes and activities put together expressly for your team.