Let’s face it, sales teams are composed of special people. They like to be engaged and can be attention-span-challenged.
For a training program to really be effective, the program MUST capture their interest and imagination immediately. The learning environment needs to be dynamic and playful. The program’s lead facilitator must command their respect and ignite their curiosity.

Enter the Ninja Sales Quest program, developed by Corporate Explorer Training tocreate the maximum impact for sales groups. This is a highly customizable program designed to teach and refine fundamental sales skills. And best of all, people don’t need to be in sales to reap benefits from this program!

Ninja Sales
  • Proven Techniques and Practices
  • Customizable Challenges
  • Genuine Interaction with Public
  • Instill a Sense of Pride In Your Team
  • Tools Crucial to Sales Success
  • Investment That Gives Back
  • Fun & Clear Inspiring Missions
  • Directly Relevant To Work

One of the unique aspects of this program is the integration of local features into the fabric of the training. This integration includes taking advantage of the geography, topography and any special landmarks in the area. Getting your group outside will mean a more active and fun training day for most groups.
Sales people must, however, by definition deal with people outside the organization – the public! We’ve got this covered, too.
Another distinguishing benefit of the Ninja Sales Quest training is that the program provides challenges that will have your people interacting with the general public. Practicing the techniques they learn in the program, some of the challenges ask you people to turn into real Ninjas demonstrating their prowess in the real world – on real people.