This is NOT your typical sales training. This IS a first-class ticket to the Adventure of creating the best sales results ever. Your staff will learn how to find trigger words that excite your prospects and tips for getting people to take action. Through interactive games they will learn and retain strategies and methods used by the most effective sales professionals.

Perhaps most importantly, since sales is often about relationships, this program offers the benefit of a continuing relationship to hone and optimize your sales program over time. The best training offers a chance to review what has been learned AFTER putting it into practice. Corporate Explorer Training allows you to do just that.

Sales and Profits Up
  • Increase Revenues Substantially
  • Create New Customers
  • Make it Easy for People to Buy From You
  • Enjoy Great Relationships with Clients
  • Become a Trusted Supplier
  • Quality attitudes and Top Integrity
  • Focus on Current Deficiencies
  • Results Guaranteed


You probably already know that investing in people is the fastest way to maximize return on your money – especially when the training specifically targets sales. Since sales are what businesses live (or die) by, it only makes sense to ensure that the people bringing in those sales are optimally trained.

Who wouldn’t invest $8000 in training when that training could bring in many times that figure, $27,000 in increased sales? And remember the benefits continue each year after that, too.

The CET Rediscover Sales program is designed to do one thing: provide the skills and tools that are required to increase sales. Period.

This is accomplished in a highly energetic and interactive environment that is dynamic and FUN! People will have a chance to contribute to the discussion as well to share their collective wisdom. This type of discovery process is the most effective since the learning often comes from ‘within’ the group through facilitation – a powerful and memorable approach to learning.

Since sales are largely relationship-driven, a special emphasis is placed on the qualities and attributes that the most effective sales people exhibit. Simply put, if you can improve your client (and internal) relationships, your organization will experience greater sales.

Concepts are presented and backed up with interactive simulations where they can be practiced as the program moves forward. Some of the elements of World Class sales featured in the program are:

1. Understanding your customer’s needs
2. Focusing on the benefits rather than features
3. People buy from salespeople they like, trust and respect
4. How to communicate effectively with different types of people
5. Becoming a trusted solution provider
6. The important art of listening

What to expect from the program: Your group will be challenged on many levels in this program. They will be asked to contribute to the dialogue and interact with each other throughout the event. Games and simulations will be presented to practice skills and highlight concepts. The state of the room will change repeatedly over the course of the training.

There will also be an introduction where a clear outline will be made of how to show up so that participants can maximize the benefits from Rediscover Sales. A final review session will also drive home the messages in the program.

Real life case studies will be presented to illustrate points as the training proceeds. These powerful examples will inevitably be recalled and made use well after Rediscover Sales is wrapped up.

The objectives for Corporate Explorer Training’s Rediscover Sales program can be summed up as such:

  • Participants remain engaged throughout the program
  • 3-7 tangible skills/concepts are learned and practiced that will be put into practice following training
  • Sales efforts are reinvigorated with new energy and ideas
  • There is a post-training upward spike in sales when Rediscover Sales is completed
  • CET provides a great experience and solid value so participants are eager to refer training business to us

The Rediscover Sales program offered here at Corporate Explorer Training can be tailored to fit your needs precisely – whether you have hundreds of sales people selling an inexpensive product, or just a few key people selling products worth tens of millions of dollars.

Get in contact with us today and together we can explore your options so that you’ll select the perfect program for your company!