Anything it Takes

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Program that sends a strong message

You want your philanthropic team building event to make a difference, right? You want to make more impact that simply providing your people with an entertaining couple of hours with a charitable ‘feel good’ gift as the program climax, yes?

Corporate Explorer Training’s Anything It Takes event is a step above when it comes to making meaningful contributions to local charities. Rather than focusing on showing participants a good time, Anything It Takes directly targets the real needs of a local group doing meaningful work helping a community in need.

How is this possible? By working directly with local charity groups we find out how to directly provide the maximum value to them. By asking them what their greatest needs are, we can make the biggest difference. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. It is quite the opposite, in fact.

At Corporate Explorer Training our team building events are always Effective, Memorable and FUN. Now with the Corporate Social Responsibility program,Anything It Takes, you can help a local charity at the same time! Your group will by necessity go above and beyond to make a positive contribution.

Often, when we think of helping a charity we think of donating to their cause: food for the food bank, blankets for the homeless shelter, giving toys to children. And this type of help is important. But there are frequently things that are more urgent for a given organization. Things that might make the difference for that organization being effective – and making the maximum impact. Philanthropic efforts are NOT ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to helping people in need.

What if you could make it easier for the charity to do its job – and help more people in a more efficient manner? You would do whatever it takes – even the jobs that might otherwise fall between the cracks – install shelves, paint the offices, even overhaul the IT system.

That’s the focus of Corporate Explorer Training’s Anything It Takes event: We help you help local charities!


Each program is designed specifically for you and your team. We can work with a pre-selected charity your organization would like to support or provide you with a choice of local charities to choose from. All you need to do is bring people together to be introduced to the Anything It Takes event, and then provide the materials and the helping hands to complete the mission. The real volunteer work may be done after your group has been brought together and tasks outlined.

Of course, because it’s a Corporate Explorer Training program Anything It Takes won’t just be simply hanging a shelf or handing out clothing. Our facilitator will tie in lessons with the activities that will transform your team and draw your group closer together. Their collective experience will change thinking and highlight the real-life power to transform for the better – and this will be reflected back in your workplace, too.

Corporate Explorer Training works with a local charity and takes their real needs and breaks them into a series of staged initiatives or missions. This master list of tasks will be reviewed and your people will then participate in a series of challenging activities to determine the selection order for the tasks at hand. Your participants will have fun competing for the stage they most want to be involved with moving forward. Great results in the challenges will equal top selections in the mission selection stage.

And at the end of the team building day, the program really begins.

Working together, your participants will record, coordinate and execute a series of crucial good deeds for a local charity. They might be buying, collecting and assembling extra desks or helping develop a system for delivering meals to the elderly – or even helping children to read. The possible list of tasks is limitless. And special expertise your people might have could come in handy as these missions are completed.

Corporate Explorer Training’s Anything It Takes program is ideal for any group looking for a program that marries fun and playful activities with strong corporate social responsibility. It is the best of all worlds, your people participate enthusiastically AND your organization benefits from the training AND a charity gets some desperately needed help.

Each person will have a chance to shine while they compete on a selection of challenges as their team jockeys to see who gets first or last choice of available missions. Groups need not be carpenters, builders or IT specialists – just be willing to share the skills they have for a worthy cause.

Anything It Takes does the following:

  • Challenges groups to adapt
  • Emphasizes great leadership
  • Engage every person on the team
  • Unforgettable results
  • Celebrate ALL types of skills
  • Impacts your company’s corporate culture
  • Directly serves a Local Charity
  • Brings people together in meaningful ways

Making the idea a reality is often a highlight experience for participants – with plenty of surprises and entertainment, not to mention the heartwarming experience of knowing they’ve helped a local charity.

Because the focus of Anything It Takes applies to ANY field, this training can be given to an entire company and everyone will benefit as they have a blast.

Corporate Explorer Training can arrange for this event to take place anywhere for groups of all sizes. Call us today to discuss how we can deliver this program for you.