Cardboard TRAINing Express

One of the many exciting programs offered by Corporate Explorer Training, Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express is a colorful and engaging program that is terrific for getting your whole group to participate. When presented with the task of building a full sized, animated train complete with locomotive, caboose and cars that is capable of transporting every person on your team, groups rise to the occasion. After a whirlwind of planning, teams divide themselves up to compete in a series of unique challenges in order to collect the materials that will be needed to build a top notch train.


Maintaining a clear collective vision and enlisting the support of every single team member to realize that vision is crucial to making a successful effort. Some incredible creativity and imagination comes out on display during this program. Some of the exciting team themes we’ve seen include: a money train, journey through the decades, superheroes, planets and Greek Gods. With strong themes like these each different car in the train represents a different facet of the overall vision. It is inspiring to see people emerging from their shells to build something like this.

This event demands that teams draw upon a host of different skills and teamwork based execution.

  • Every participant is a part of the final product

  • Coordinating a large and diverse group

  • Moving together takes great communication and leadership

  • Creating a visionary theme and coordinating a team to deliver a stand out product

  • Managing in a diverse and dynamic working environment

  • Using Human Capital effectively so your team can deliver a spectacular product

For very large groups, the Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express is especially perfect. With team sizes ranging from 12 to 60 people, the variety of final products is amazing. Larger teams may feature sizable trains with up to 20 or more cars – all linked together so they move as one unit. This is as challenging as it sounds – especially when they must cover the same area of ‘track’ as other teams in a timed challenge.


This program can be completed indoors OR outdoors. It is also a great activity for attaching to a given event theme or message, as this can be reflected in the building of the trains. One thing is certain, people will have a blast participating – and remember the event for a LONG time.