Eagle Glider Challenge

Dynamic Team Building Through FUN Business Simulation


Learn effective methods of delivering on customer expectations WHILE learning communication and leadership skills.

It will be clear which teams elevate their performance to meet the Eagle Glider Construction Challenge requirements. Success will be a byproduct of great communication, effective leadership, innovative approaches, creative marketing and, of course, a team’s ability to FLY!

Corporate Explorer Training’s team building education programs are ideal for any group looking for a program that marries fun and playful activities with solid skills development and training. It is the best of both worlds, your people participate enthusiastically AND your organization benefits from the training.

Each person will have a chance to shine while they complete a ongoing selection of challenges as their team’s glider is built. Groups need not be industrial design engineers or rocket scientists to do well with this challenge – just willing to play a little bit and take action decisively.

  • Business Simulation Translates To Real Life
  • Challenges Groups To Adapt
  • Emphasizes Great Leadership
  • Engage Every Person On The Team
  • Unforgettable Final Testing Phase
  • Team Building People Enjoy
  • Celebrate ALL Types Of Skills
  • Impacts Your Company’s Bottom Line

Testing can take place almost anywhere: public parks, parking lots, off of balconies and onto lawns, bridges or even airport runways. The actual testing is often a highlight experience – with plenty of surprises and entertainment.This exciting program can delivered almost anywhere. Most of the activity is designed to take place in a simple conference room, open space or hotel ballroom. This would be the initial project definition, budgeting and materials distribution as well as the actual design and construction of the glider.

Because the focus of this program applies to ANY field, this training can be given to an entire company and everyone will benefit as they have a blast.

Points will be given for accuracy, speed, design, presentation and efficiency. It won’t necessarily be the team with the best flight characteristics that wins the ultimate challenge.

“Great fun! – Helped our team get over a difficult transition. The glider activity was perfectly tailored to the needs of the group and the make-up of the group. The team was able to boost their enthusiasm and let down their hair for a while – lightened the load on a very challenging project – challenging deliverables. It renewed team energy.” –Canadian Manufacturing and Exporting


There will also be an awards presentation complete with certificates for the winning team members. Notable accomplishments will also be memorialized for teams that have less than stellar results with a selection of humorous awards presented to other teams. A good time will be had by all.

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