Inspire via Dining in the Dark

A dramatic environment helps make training memorable. With Corporate Explorer Training’s Pitch Black Dining in the Dark program, an indelible impression is made. This is good because this event features an educational component that will teach you how to effectively engage at both home and work.

As you will have guessed from the name, Dining in the Dark is a program delivered in tandem with meal service. It is the perfect option to distinguish and event where there will be a meal scheduled. This program can be delivered in a number of different environments and can accommodate any type of diet. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other and share what they are experiencing as they try something that is truly unique.

  • Foster Trust
  • Energize Your People
  • Experience a New Adventure
  • Open Up Your Senses
  • Have an Unforgettable Meal
  • Give Your Staff an Inspiring Experience
  • Awaken a Passion for Life

Dining in the Dark is one of the highest rated programs we offer. Consistently, people rank it even higher than their expectations in the first place. We can deliver this program at ANY meal; but we do suggest that you make interesting menu choices in order to create the maximum impact.

Corporate Explorer Training can even make this program work outside – or even in a cave (ask us about options) if you are extremely Adventurous. The huge benefit of the program is that Pitch Black Dining in the Dark transforms what would be throwaway time, i.e. eating a meal. By including the component of education, participants end up gaining useful knowledge WHILE experiencing an unforgettable culinary event.

Description of Event:

What does it take to turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience?

Picture a lineup of people blindfolded. There is nervous chatter as they follow one another, hands on shoulders of the person in front. They enter a darkened room filled with aroma of delicious food and are led to their individual seats. Voices hush as the facilitator/host offers some simple guidelines on how to best engage in eating in Pitch Darkness. Tentatively, the people begin to explore their surroundings as they decide how to proceed with the otherwise routine task of eating – in total blackness.

Pitch Black Dining in the Dark will be an unforgettable experience for your people. It also happens to be a rich learning opportunity for your group. This two hour experience is unique because it not only provides a entertaining eating experience, it also distinguishes HOW to recreate extraordinary experiences in the future. The educational element of this program is a key component to making this unusual experience meaningful.

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People take an almost childlike delight in eating when their most primary sense of perception is taken away. Healthy and eclectic food contributes to the wonder and excitement that permeates the room during Pitch Black Dining in the Dark.

Groups grow closer as the shared Adventure of the meal brings them together. During the meal, the facilitator/host engages your group. People offer their theories on what they are eating, often creating laughter as others recognize food items they’ve not yet identified through taste alone. Some folks simply use their hands seeking food on their plates and conveying it to their mouths – after all, no one is looking. Sharing with each other exactly what they are experiencing in the moment as they dine adds to the specialness of the occasion.

Once the dessert course has been enjoyed, a single candle is lit in the center of the room. It is surprisingly bright and eyes are shielded. Candles are then lit at each table as people inspect the remains of their meal. Exclamations of surprise echo through the room as people look at each other and view the contents of their plates.

An untouched serving is brought into the room for people to examine. They crowd around and point at the things they had previously identified (rightly or wrongly!)


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In the warm aftermath, tea and or coffee are served and the facilitator/host concludes the dining event with another discussion about how to create extraordinary experiences in both your business and your personal life.

Pitch Black Dining in the Dark can be conducted in a number of different environments and will make the difference between just another meal and an unforgettable dining and learning event.

Call us today and we can fill you in on how Pitch Black Dining in the Dark will work for you.