Junkyard Orchestra

Not all team building has to be a competition!  Corporate Explorer Training’s “Junkyard Orchestra” is a collaborative program that gets your entire group in a fun, creative and synergistic space. Great for groups large or small, everyone has a great time as the day unfolds and what started as separate teams of instruments come together to make music together!

Let our experienced facilitator conduct this program for your team, and you’re sure to get a standing ovation!

This event is not just a fun and energetic way to play together, it also has some great ‘real world’ take-aways. Just like any good company, an orchestra is made up many different talented individuals… But those individuals can only make something powerful together if they learn to embrace a bigger plan that involves other individuals and groups!  This is a powerful example of the importance of synergy, harmony, and win-win thinking.


The facilitator who will work with your group is experienced in both coordinating events, leading groups, and also has a strong background in music and rhythm!

The day starts with a fun and engaging ice-breaker that is designed to set the tone for what is to follow… Simple shout, stomp and clap rhythms are the first order of the day, beginning with a piece of music that everyone knows (e.g., “We Will Rock You”).

The basic concept of breaking up the group into “instruments” and assigning them parts is mastered, and your team must learn to play together to accomplish one clear vision.

When this phase is mastered, they graduate to the next level, and real instruments are distributed to the entire group!

Instruments include creative use of unusual items that create a variety of unique and interesting sounds which combine to create a unique and powerful effect when played together. Your group is broken into 5 or 6 “sections” and rehearse their respective parts until they are ready to mesh together into a rhythmic harmony that they won’t soon forget!

Once parts have been mastered, they are layered like a canon or round until the entire team is playing together. Parts that seemed unimportant or disjointed suddenly have new meaning in the context of the whole (another important business lesson).  At first the song is a bit rough around the edges, but through repetition and practice, it gets shaped into a fun, funky piece of music that everyone in the room has a part in playing.

We place an emphasis on unified teamwork, creating a plan and following guidelines, and the importance of doing things CORRECTLY before we do them QUICKLY. (Yet another lesson that is valuable when applied to business).

But once the song is mastered, we introduce additional challenges by speeding the rhythm, adding shouts, and time permitting even choreography to the final piece (which is also a great opportunity to adapt it to your own catch phrase or company slogan!).

This event will excite, entertain and energize your entire group, while creating a fun opportunity to laugh, bond and create memories they won’t soon forget!