Kidnapped! Team Building Rescue Mission

A crime has been committed and time is running out. It is up to the people on your team to organize an emergency rescue mission to achieve three objectives:

1. Rescue the Victim/Hostage – primary team goal
2. Identify the Kidnapper – this will take keen deduction and collaboration
3. Score the most points and become the Hero of the Day – everyone will earn an individual score

This training and team building program has been designed by Corporate Explorer Training to be completed in stages. With the clues picked up as teams progress, each subsequent stage will require that the knowledge gleaned from earlier stages be used to continue to the ultimate goal: Rescue!


Kidnapped_victim• Refine Problem Solving Skills
• Prioritization
• Communication/Listening
• Creative Thinking
• Observational Acuity

• Conflict Resolution

• Collaborative Learning
• Time Management
• Decision Making
• Risk Assessment/Management
• Relationship Building

Stages will be tackled one at a time; some will require the efforts of the entire group, while others will use smaller teams. Teams will be changed at several points in the program, so everyone will have an opportunity to work with different people. Each person will end up with a score at the end of the session that consists of:

a. A combination of their small team scores
b. Points from a final investigation quiz
c. Identifying the actual kidnapper

Every stage will demand a slightly different set of skills be employed to successfully navigate the challenge. Following each stage, people will regroup and assess how best to proceed. During these meetings, the ‘Tactical Commander’ (a Corporate Explorer Training facilitator) will receive reports about the group’s progress and then assist in outlining the next stage of the rescue operation. These meetings will be interactive andcritical to the overall success of the mission.


Because Kidnapped! is a training program with genuine organizational benefits, these meetings between stages will also be the time when the training/learning outcomes are reviewed and highlighted. For those paying close attention, there may also be hints dropped as to the attributes required to address the upcoming stage’s hurdles.

In each phase of this program, the group will be visiting different areas to solve problems, gather evidence, conduct trials and prove hypotheses. Kidnapped! has been structured to take advantage of an area’s existing features, including geography, attractions and neighborhoods. Depending on the time of year, it can be either biased to conducting challenges outside or inside.

3 swat team

To rescue the victim, demonstrating a range of different skill sets is essential. Also, group dynamics will prove to be important as every individual will be faced with adapting to varying group compositions. Some stages pit small groups against

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one another, while others are more team oriented.

Kidnapped! can be customized to include a backstory that is relevant to your organization. Better still, the actual identity of the kidnapping victim AND the kidnapper can be customized to your group. If there is someone in your organization who would be a compelling hostage (the chairman of the board or a cherished customer perhaps?), Corporate Explorer Training can modify the Kidnapped! program to suit your specifications.

compare photos compare splatters

Your people will be inspired by both the challenge presented and the sense of urgency as they do battle with the clock to rescue the person who has been kidnapped and taken hostage. The environment created requires attention to detail, creativity, great teamwork and dedication. After all, a human life is at stake! In a dramatic climax, your group will (hopefully) discover the victim and perform the rescue. Participants will walk away from the Kidnapped! program feeling like they’ve experienced a true Adventure with a strong sense of accomplishment.

tied up

As with any Corporate Explorer Training Program, in return for your investment you can expect your people to come away with a new set of honed skills. They will feel like they’ve been rewarded for their efforts at work and cared for by the organization as Kidnapped! teaches solid lessons and enhances their educational development.Incremental improvements in your staff’s skills will result in greater organizational efficiencies, better client relationships and attention to deal and yes, even increases in overall sales.

In return for your organization’s investment of time and money, expect that your people will come away from the Kidnapped! event bringing with them tangible benefits including:

 Team Cohesiveness
 Improved Communication
 Time Management Skills
 Mutual Trust
 Independent Initiative
 Awareness of the Importance of Relationships

To explore options for any sized group, please contact us today at: or phone toll free 877 924 4504.

We’d love to work with you to produce the most memorable training and team building you’ve ever experienced.