Spuds of Thunder

This program is sizzling. Spuds of Thunder is a radically different way to bring a team together. Strategy and negotiation can be taught in a fun and experiential team building experience.

This is an imaginative and creative program that features special ‘guilds’ from the Potato Kingdom building fortresses in order to protect the precious assets of the realm. A series of special tasks will enable people to acquire the necessary building materials to create castles that will be subjected to a potato bombardment.

Every person involved will have a chance to blast away at other team’s fortresses with one of our extreme spud guns. Teams that have successfully formed alliances with other guilds may escape the heaviest assault, but they will still put their hand built citadel in harm’s way.


  • RFP Simulation Translates To Business
  • Groups Must Work Together to Succeed
  • Branding Lessons Contained In Event
  • Deployment of Human Capital Crucial
  • Trading is a Vital Component
  • Super FUN Testing Phase
  • Rewards ALL Types Of Skills

This radical program can delivered anywhere with nearby open space. While most of the activity is designed to take place in a simple conference room, open space or hotel ballroom, testing happens outdoors. Any nearby open space will work for the potato bombardment. The actual testing is literally a BLAST for everyone- with plenty of surprises and entertainment.

Because the skills developed in this program apply to ANY field; this training can be given to an entire company and everyone will benefit.

The fun will begin from the moment the Potato King describes the important business at hand. It is crucial that teams build stout defenses to preserve the Kingdom’s assets. These defenses will be put to the test in dramatic fashion.


Everyone in the group will have a chance to try the bazooka-like potato cannon as they attempt to inflict damage on their opponent’s citadels.

 It will be important to keep your aim true and straight as the fortresses will form a little village and an errant spud may actually harm your own building.

There will also be an awards presentation complete with certificates for the winning team members. Notable accomplishments will also be memorialized for teams that have less than stellar results with a selection of humorous awards presented to other teams. A good time will be had by all.

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