Supercar Derby

This literally fast-paced team building program is both exciting and memorable. The SuperCar Derby Challenge is a program that can delivered almost anywhere with a little bit of open space nearby, indoors or outdoors. Teams will be creating their very own race car – complete with team colors and racing livery. Corporate Explorer Training can make it possible for both small and large groups to experience the satisfaction of building a functioning car with steering and styling.



Some of the relevant learning opportunities include:

  • Effective collaboration
  • Project planning
  • Optimal time management
  • Building team cohesiveness
  • Taking the right risks
  • Presenting and selling a concept or idea

Actual races will be part of the process of determining the ultimate championship team. And there are tangible business lessons contained within this curriculum. Our facilitators can both set up a group for success and provide a meaningful debrief that will anchor any learning contained within the program. We will also act as a liaison with your venue to make sure there will be suitable space for the program to be run. Our staff will do all the work to make sure your people are safe while having a great time.