Raising the Tiki Bar

There is nothing quite like the vibe of a cleverly constructed Tiki Bar. The exotic ambiance, the menu and drink selection, and the people who patronize these iconic establishments combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Explorer Training’s Raising the Tiki Bar program is an engaging interactive team building program featuring a friendly team competition. Each team will be tasked with the construction of a originally-themed Tiki bar. This Tiki Bar will have to be special in order to win the Big Kahuna Award.

How will the winner be selected? Well, there are some places that just draw you in because they are literally attractive. They feature the right decor, the right music, the right clientele, the right menu – and they are just plain cool. The Raising the Tiki Bar winners, who will claim the Big Kahuna Award will deliver top notch results and satisfy the following criteria:

* Build a Themed Tiki Bar with a thoughtfully inspired vision behind it, i.e. Surfer, Elvis, Hawaii, Artist, Secret Agent, Blue Moon, Octopus, etc.

* Feature a structure that includes a roof and custom lighting

* Offers a pleasing aural atmosphere with a specific song or musical accompaniment

* Boast a fabulous and impressive Tiki Mask-cot as a bar centerpiece

* Creates a irresistible menu with delectable specials AND a featured tropical drink – complete with customized bottle

* Presented by the team in a mini-commercial acted out using the bar as a set


To begin with, Raising the Tiki Bar teams will be given a selection of raw materials that will get them started.  A basic rectangular table will serve as the foundation for the project. A series of challenges will allow these teams to augment their supplies and give them the elements they’ll need to truly succeed. Naturally, the challenges will center around a Polynesian/Hawaiian theme. Some possible events that participants might experience feature hula hoops, limbo bars, surfer inspired balance exercises or coconut bowling. The teams that perform the best will have access to special materials that could make the difference between winning and an ignominious failure.

Another lively element of Raising the Tiki Bar is the team commercials. Think “the most interesting man in the world” meets Hawaii 5-0 and you’ll have an idea just how entertaining these short presentations can be. With musical accompaniment and mood lighting, each team has the chance to shine. A great commercial will go a long way to helping claim the Big Kahuna Award.

Corporate Explorer Training will facilitate the Raising the Tiki Bar event with a fun and energetic approach. The Tiki Bars may be cheesy, but the delivery will be 100% engaging. Your people will remember this extravaganza just like they would a great vacation!